Just Movies with ”The True Cost” IJM Fundraiser 12 november 19:00 uur #IJM #Fundraiser #JustMovies #Blossom #DenHaag

True Cost MovieVanavond als side-programme van The Justice Conference The Netherlandsen ism Ijm
Just Movies ”The True Cost” IJM Fundraiser

Vanavond toveren we de ruimte van Pakhuis de Règâh in Den Haag om tot een fijne huiskamerbioscoop.

Samen kijken we de film The True Cost.
Daarna onderzoeken we samen met Mathilde Teuben hoe we met onze portemonnee voor een rechtvaardige wereld kunnen stemmen.

Entree = Donatie = Bioscoopkaartje = donatie: €5
It’s that simple 🙂)

Alle kaartopbrengsten komen als donatie ten goede aan het fantastische werk van International Justice Mission (Ijm)


Alex, Marlin & Edgar

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Just Movies met ”The True Cost” IJM Fundraiser 12 november 19:00 uurJust Movies ''The True Cost'' IJM Fundraiser International Justice Mission NL Blossom 070 in Den Haag 12 november 2016

**For ENGLISH see below**

Koop een kaartje! Koop een slaaf vrij!

Slavernij is tegenwoordig wereldwijd verboden. Dit betekent echter niet dat het is verdwenen.
Ondanks internationale verdragen bestaat slavernij nog steeds in de 21ste eeuw. Deze vorm van moderne slavernij is niet alleen illegaal, maar vaak ook praktisch onzichtbaar. The Justice Conference op vrijdag 11 en zaterdag 12 november wil hier verandering in brengen door mensen na te laten denken over de bijdrage die zij kunnen leveren om hun eigen omgeving eerlijker te maken.

Als onderdeel van dit evenement zal op 12 november een filmscreening worden gehouden. Het doel is om mensen te informeren en kritisch na te laten denken over de doordringende effecten van illegale praktijken binnen de kledingindustrie. Praktijken die misschien dichter bij huis komen dan de geografische ligging doet vermoeden. Hiermee hopen wij een brug te slaan tussen het onbekende concept van moderne slavernij en ons comfortabele hedendaagse westerse leven.

Naast het vertonen van deze relevante film zal een spreker deelnemers voorzien van context en achtergrondinformatie.

Er zal daarnaast ook ruimte zijn voor discussie, in de vorm van een groepsdiscussie én nabespreking in de bar van de Bazaar of Ideas, Hoefkade 11 in Den Haag waar het evenement zal plaatsvinden.

Wanneer: 12 november 19:00
Waar: Bazaar of Ideas, Den Haag
Entree = donatie voor IJM: EUR 5,00
Wat: Film+ lezing van specialist + nabespreking

Alle opbrengsten komen ten goede aan het werk van IJM

Koop je kaartje/doneer hier: http://www.ijmnl.org/campagnes/120/just-movies-the-true-cost-ijm-fundraiser.html

Just Movies with ”The True Cost” IJM Fundraiser 12 november 7 pm

Buy a ticket! Buy a slave free!

In our 21st century slavery is legally banned on a worldwide scale. Unfortunately, its global disappearance is still to be achieved. Despite international treaties, slavery still exist today in not only an illegal but also hidden fashion. The Justice Conference on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of November wants to bring about a change in this discourse by letting a select audience think about possible contributions they can make in make within their own environment.

As a part of this event, a film screening will take place on the 12th of November. The aim is to inform people, whilst making them take a critical look at the pervasive nature of illegal practices in the clothing industry. These practices may seem far removed from our geographical location, yet in reality come closer to home than one might think. By the means of his film screening we hope to raise awareness of the interlinked nature of the concept of modern slavery and a comfortable western lifestyle. In addition to screening the film there will be a guest speaker to both provide an introductory context and answer questions afterwards. This lecture and part of the Q&A will be in Dutch, but the movie should still be reason enough to join in for both an interesting and interactive night!

We look forward to welcoming you at the Bazaar of Ideas, Hoefkade 11 in The Hague.

When: November 12, 7pm
Where: Bazaar of Ideas, The Hague
Entrance = donation for IJM: EUR 5,00
What: Film screening + Dutch guest lecture + Q&A

All proceedings go to IJM

Buy your ticket/Donate here: http://www.ijmnl.org/campagnes/120/just-movies-the-true-cost-ijm-fundraiser.html


Just Movies with IJM

Just Movies International Mission NL Den Haag bannerFeeling sympathy for people living in difficult circumstances? On Saturday evening November 14 you will get a chance to see the critically acclaimed drama “Biutiful”, a Spanish/Mexican production from 2010 on a wide screen.

It it’s not just the movie, it’s music, drinks and discussion. Welcome to the first edition of Just Movies! A series of films on modern slavery, poverty and violence on the one hand and a discussion on the fight for justice on the other hand.

The movie will not only give you a personal insight into the lives of people trying to survive the poor situations they are finding themselves in, but you will also get an insight into the consequences of actions of the violators and the actions you could take yourself… Just Movies is an initiative by Hague volunteers of the NGO International Justice Mission (IJM).

19.00 Doors open @ Bezuidenhoutseweg 157, 2594 AG Den Haag.
Live music by Christiana Bohorques, singer songwriter and composer.
19:30 Welcome and Introduction International Justice Mission by Peter de Bos, Volunteer at IJM the Netherlands
20:00 Short film: Ted talk Gary Haugen: the hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now
20:30 Feature film: Biutiful (drama, 2010, director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)
23.00 Discussion and drinks
23:45 End of Programma

* Proceedings go to the NGO International Justice Mission

About International Justice Mission (IJM) “Justice for the poor”
Throughout the developing world, fear of violence is part of everyday life for the poor. It’s as much a part of poverty as hunger, disease or malnutrition. The poorest are so vulnerable because their justice systems – police, courts and laws – don’t protect them from violent people. According to the United Nations, justice systems in the developing world are so broken that the majority of poor people live life “far from the law’s protection.” International Justice Mission is a global team of nearly 600 lawyers, social workers, investigators, community activists and other professionals, protecting the poor from violence in nearly 20 communities throughout the developing world. Through the support of a global movement of friends and partners, IJM collaborates with local authorities to rescue thousands of victims of everyday violence and put hundreds of violent criminals behind bars. Each day there is powerful proof that justice for the poor is possible.

Feature film Biutiful
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s “Biutiful” stars the Oscar-nominated Javier Bardem as Uxbal, a low-level criminal in Barcelona who is told by his doctor he has very little time to live, while he has two kids to take care of. Uxbal manages a group of African immigrants who sells fake designer purses made by poor Chinese immigrants in a shoddy little factory. He’s the go-between, passing off the purses to the Africans, and passing bribes to the cops to keep the vendors from being arrested and/or deported. The movie captures the sense of the cyclical trap these characters are in, all depending on each other. What can Uxbal do about the situation he finds himself in?